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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ragnarok Online - Sniper Guide - Reshared Knol

Source Knol : Ragnarok Online - Sniper Guide
by Hans Christian


Welcome to my first guide.I want to write this guide because i want to make sure everybody who loves
sniper job can masters his technique to beat everybody in the arena.Anyway,this guide contains
how to build a deadly Sniper based on my experience,non else.
And i hope this guide can help you to b e a feared killer character.^^


There are many types of Status, each of them has their own special abilities,
Choose what suit you most.Personally,the most type that I used all the time
is the double strafing Sniper,since that's the most wicked sniper.

Double Strafing Sniper :
AGI 99
VIT 21
INT 10
DEX 99

The most suitable type for me,since you can shoot your arrow like MG42,most of character can't move until they died,except if they are usingendure skill like knight.But,i will discover how to beat them later.Note that this type can't stand long if You get hit.So,be careful.

AGI LUK Sniper :
AGI 98
VIT 30
INT 45
DEX 60
LUK 50
This type Rockz !! With This status,at least it will attack about 1100 per hit.
And the falcon will attack consecutively.With set of nice equip,This sniper is wicked !
You should attack fast enough,with medium arrow damaged,while u enjoying your
Nice High Damage From your Beloved falcon.So that's like a 3 way hit.
I've done this type when i was a hunter,it is so difficult to build.But you
will start enjoy it when your character reach level 80.Note that this type is
incredible when you are hunting,but it's sadly that this type is poor when you
put it into the PVP arena.

Falcon Assault Sniper :
VIT 68
INT 98
DEX 74
This typed only depends from its INT ( for the damaged ).
This typed is hard to kill,because they have a lot of HP,and this type is
much on the Defense.And this type is quite good since FA does not
look at the opponent's defense.But you have to remember about skill delay too.

Hybrid Sniper :
AGI 72
VIT 50
INT 45
DEX 97
This type is very common,because this type have some damaged with FA,
Nice damage with Double Strafe,and the Defense is not too bad,at least to avoid
being stun too long.And you will get a nice ASPD too.


image in the original article


image in the original article


image in the original article


There are many types of equipment sets,but what i will write is sets of sniper equipment
that I know its greatness.And you know,You have to use them on the right places,or the effect
wouldn't work as we hope.

This is what I used all the time for PVP,and usually this set is feared in the server
by the drop rate item at 1x.

Apple of Archer
Tights + Anolian card
Boots + Merman card
Composite bow ( make it +10 ) + Hydra card *2,Skel Worker card and Cruiser card.
Glove [1] + Alligator card.
Glove [1] + Zerom card.
Muffler + Dragon Tail Card

This sets is called sniper set because it contains cards combo that
only benefit for snipers,which is Anolian,Merman,Cruiser,Alligator and Dragon Tail.
Combo effects :
Inflict 20% more damage with Long Range Physical attack.
AGI + 5
DEX + 3
Seeking Attack (which never miss its target) + 20%.

Receive 5% more Experience Points from Brute monsters.
Add a chance of auto casting 'Coma' on Brute monster when attacking.

For This type,there are no card combos to boost the attack.But,this is
The set of cards and equipments that slightly will increase your performance.

Tights + Marc Card
Boots + Matyr Card
Muffler + Raydric Card
2 GLove [1] + 2 Zerom card
Main Gauche ( Make it + 10 )+ 4 Fabre Card
Guard + Thara frog card

Remember,this equipments only useful when you try to attack the target with FA.
Dont even attempt a Double Strafe skill or it will be crappy.Try to be fast for changing
better equipments for Double Strafe or normal attacks if you want to use it.

This set of equipment is designed to prove your falcon auto blizt beat.
I really can't ensure you to use my recommended equipments.But,i suggest that
you should wear a bunny band,the rest is up to you.

This is it,this equipment is the best from all the set.But,notice that you will have some
hard time to complete this set.Even you are playing in the server at the drop rate of 3000x.
And,don't forget to forge it at least into +7 to make it Even GREAT !!

Feather Beret or Alice Doll + Maya Purple or Ulle's Cap + Maya Purple
Masquerede or Binoculars
Sniping Suit + Ghostring Card or Sniping Suit + Angeling Card
Tidal Shoes + Matyr Card
Wool Scarf + Raydric Card or Wool Scarf + Deviling Card ( if you're up ONLY against a physical enemies )
Orleans Glove + Zerom Card
Orleans Glove + Zerom Card
Composite Bow ( Make it +10) + Lord of Death Card*2,Stormy Knight*2
or Composite Bow ( Make it +10) + Lord of Death Card*2,Stormy Knight,Valkyrie Randgris Card.
This is what i am talking about from the beginning,with this set of equipment,your sniper will be
a King in the court.But remember,keep your distance between you and your enemy,since you only have a little amount of defense.


This is what Snipers can do in WOE :

1.Sniping : Attack enemies with DS or just with normal attack.Use DS to jobs such as Ass X,Champion,High Wizzard.If installed Lord of Death to your Bow,use normal attacks to Jobs with Bunch of Defense such as Paladin,Lord Knight,HP.

2.Trap : Use your ankle snare around the Emperium,and Don't forget to use your Shockwave trap,because it will be deadly for HW.

3.Status effect : You know,use your numbers of arrow like curse arrow,flash arrow,mute arrow,etc.

4.Wizzard supporter : these Sniper use wind arrow and breaks frost enemy in a running SG this is what makes being in an SG so painful,getting hit by SG with 2000++ damage,getting frost,then getting hit by an element SS for 5000++ then get frost back by SG.

5.Attacking Sniper : Use FA to a character that inflicted by Lex Aeterna so they will be eat at least 11k+++ damage.

6.usually Sniper are for defense,with their sniping skills and their various traps.


Yo can cancel asura by just locking them using normal shots.pneuma won't save against those status arrows.

High Wizard=
Use your double strafe as many as you can,they won't last long.

Assasins =
Just detect them if they're hiding,and quickly DS them.Their defense are poor.

Ninja =
Easy,Just use your FA to them.If they're using cicada skin shed,target FA to the enemy
so they can hit the wall and they can't dodge your attack anymore.

If you fight a VIT character,You have to use your Lord of Death Card*2,Stormy Knight*2 bow,so those character
will be Nothing.


Finally,this is the end of my word.Thanks for reading this guide.If you have any question or critics,
just give me some comment so I will know what you seek.And you may want to explore some of
my ads,if you want to.^^

2008 - Hans Christian

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Source Knol : Ragnarok Online - Sniper Guide

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